Technical advantages with our innovative cutting technologies


    Developed and patented in 1999, the system combines hammers and blades in one shredding chamber to shred all types of green waste simultaneously and effectively.

    The latest generation of the MIXED ROTOR is even more efficient thanks to different chambers that can accommodate more hammers and blades. Its torque and ventilation blades make it possible to optimise engine performance, save energy and resources, and best protect the material and the environment.

  • Cutting disc
    All wood chippers are equipped with a heavy chipping disc and two infinitely adjustable blades. The blades run past a counter-blade and thus ensure a clean cut and uniform wood chips.

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Our innovations

  • No stress & Variostress

    The No-Stress function allows the speed of the feed rollers to be adjusted independently depending on the thickness and type of material to avoid clogging the machine. To perfect this function, the Variostress can be controlled directly from the control panel. In addition to this technology, all our shredders are equipped with a valve to regulate the speed of the feed belt and feed roller.

  • CO2 reduction

    This system regulates the chipping process by only using full engine power when it is needed. If the sensor detects a user behind the machine, the engine runs off load; if no user is detected, the engine switches to idle. This saves fuel and reduces noise emissions.

  • The Pilot System & Pilot System swing

    This is the unit that controls the shredder. The Pilot System & Pilot System swing centralises the control of the machine, such as the different chopping areas, No Stress and Vario Stress.

  • TS.Cockpit

    The latest generation control unit that gives full control of the machine. The TS.Cockpit is a true control interface that withstands the most extreme conditions and complies with all applicable standards. A dedicated platform that allows the machine to be checked directly (emission control, intelligent diagnostics, maintenance, but also battery voltage and charge if it is an electric shredder).

  • Electric control

    Activation of forward/reverse operation to run the feeder unit

  • Pivoting discharge chute

    Adapts to the conditions of the working site

  • Foldable hopper flap

    Practical for space-saving transport

  • Turnable tower

    Enables safe working away from traffic

  • Track gear chipper

    Provides safe working even in rough terrain and on slopes

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